Open Source – A Viable Business Model?

Come and Join  the Fort Lauderdale ACM SIGGRAPH as we  team up this time with – South Florida’s Linux Community on  June 27th ,2013  at 7:00 p.m.  Our very own Chair, Dean Lyon will be presenting this topic “Open Source – A Viable Business Model?”

About the Presentation:

This talk digs into the history of Open Source as well as Free Software. A comprehensive overview of Open Source in its myriad variations, its use in the movie and TV industry and then finally, Mr. Lyons’ own personal challenges of convincing potential investors that it is a worthwhile business model.

DATE: Thursday June 27, 2013
TIME: 6:30 pm Refreshments & Networking
7:00 pm  Presentation Begins
 Map & Details provided below
LOCATION: The Computer lab at the southwest edge of Nova Southeastern University’s campus in Davie (directions)

About the Speaker

Dean Lyon: Technologist, Visual Effects, Inventor.
Dean Lyon: Technologist, Visual Effects, Inventor.

Dean has 30+ years experience in collaborating with cutting edge directors, studios, production companies, post-production facilities and technology developers throughout the world.  He is passionate about the potential of technology to transform the art of visual story-telling. From big screen to multi-platform delivery, good story content is essential to the motion-picture industries.

Dean’s career has included roles as Producer, Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Inventor, CEO and Entrepreneur, working in diverse areas as motion pictures, music videos, commercials, interactive TV, theme park attractions, VFX/CGI and stereoscopic 3D.  He has worked on over 100 international television commercials and 50 feature films including Armageddon, Independence Day, Air Force One and the Lord of the Rings’trilogy where he received credit as a Visual Effects Supervisor.  In 2000, Dean journeyed to New Zealand and led the start-up of Oktobor – a world-class creative and talent-centric visual effects and animation company servicing ad agencies, film production companies and studios throughout the globe.  He returned to the States in 2007 to work with da Vinci Systems, where among his many accomplishments, he was instrumental in developing a stereoscopic 3D grading system utilizing super computing processing that made the color finishing of Avatar and dozens of other 3D feature films possible.

More recently he has launched an innovative Florida based start-up venture – Splinter Studios. Splinter Studios utilizes a next-generation approach to develop technology to drive out traditional costs in the business. Ongoing research in emerging technology is used to streamline workflow, production, stereoscopic 3D content, cloud services and products in an efficient and collaborative manner.

Dean is also an accomplished public speaker and has delivered seminars, chaired industry panels and guest lectured at various international film festivals around the world.  An active member in SMPTE and ACM/SIGGRAPH.  Lyon was elected to the Visual Effects Society (VES) in Hollywood in 2004 for recognition of his work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy and dozens of other projects.

This will be a joint meeting between FLUX and the Fort Lauderdale chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH

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Mark your calendar! See you Thursday June 27 at Nova Southeastern University!

Directions to the meeting:

We will be meeting in a computer lab at the southwest edge of Nova Southeastern University’s campus in Davie. The building is actually part of a shopping plaza adjoining the campus and directly off University Drive.

FROM I-595: Exit at University Drive and head south. Go through the intersection at 30th Ave (Abe Fischler Blvd) and pass the beige Nova medical school building. Turn left into the plaza immediately south of the main campus. There is a Pier One store near the road to serve as a landmark, and as you enter the plaza you will see a large Nova Southeastern University sign ahead.

NOTE: There is another university sign at the opposite end end of the plaza. Enter the building under the sign at the north end (on the left as you face the plaza). The street address is 3424 S. University Drive, Davie FL, 33328.

Nova Southeastern University  3424 S. University Drive, Davie FL, 33328.
Nova Southeastern University
3424 S. University Drive, Davie FL, 33328.