Creating Brand Experiences through Mixed Reality

VR Zeitgeist: Where are we now?

In the quickly shifting sands of the Wild West of Virtual Reality many new technologies and uses are emerging. VR’s immersive media allows people to experience, explore and learn from their VR environments using more of their biological toolset, bridging the gap between the intellectual data available to our digital society, and our intuitive sense of exploration and presence when placed in a given environment. VR environments can serve to transport people to different places, imaginary or real, and these places can then be augmented by infinite layers of digitized information accessed through user interaction.

But why are some VR experiences more uncomfortable than others? How can we begin to think about guidelines for good VR design? Where do we expect VR tech to evolve? Join us as we explore some biological facts that play a role in creating successful VR experiences, present the current types of VR, cover the toolsets for creating VR, and discover some successful VR explorations in different disciplines.

CHAT: VR Zeitgeist-Where are we now? (6:30pm-7:30pm)

Join us for an evening to understand a little bit more how VR is created, what considerations we can have to create great VR experiences, and how VR is playing a role in disciplines like Medecine, Museology, and Entertainment among others.

EXPERIENCE: No Place to Hide – Explore your senses in VR (7:30pm-8 pm)

Explore your senses through various VR experiences. Test your courage by “Walking the Plank”. Conquer your fears in the “Spider Crawl”. See how VR can be applied to create unique film/audiovisual experiences – and be transported to see works of art in a museum setting.

DATE: November 20, 2017

TIME: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

COST: Free

LOCATION: FAU Davie Campus

Liberal Arts Building
Classroom LA 331
3200 College Avenue
Davie, FL 33314