Behind The Scenes : Surviving as a Digital Artist in Hollywood.

A no-holds-barred, in-depth look into the current visual effects/digital
animation industry in Hollywood.

Caleb Owens explains how to get a job and what to expect from leading
companies. He introduces you


to the culture of the industry and reviews the current state of the
profession. His insight shows you


how to survive in Hollywood today.
Topics covered:


  • Brief history and evolution of the professions, disciplines, and trends.
  • The Hollywood digital effects culture.
  • Film, Game, Commercial production comparisons.
  • How to get a job.
  • What to expect when you do get a job.
  • Hierarchy of post-production
  • A visual effects shot personnel breakdown.


Speaker Bio:

For over 17 years, Caleb Owens produced
stunning imagery in nearly all aspects of the digital animation industry
including feature films, commercials, games, and 3D stereoscopic media. Some of
his film credits include, “GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra”, Quentin Tarantino’s
“Inglorious Bastards”, “The Life Aquatic”, “iRobot”, “Peter Pan”. In 1999-2000
Caleb led a team at Digital Domain (DD) to create one of the first digital
clones for film. This digital face replacement of James Brown intrigued the film
industry in LA and set the groundwork for DD’s later achievements on the
Oscar-Winning VFX film, “Benjamin Buttons”. On the commercial side of production
Owens has worked on hundreds of commercials including the Michael Mann directed
“Monsters of Nascar”, and David Fincher’s “Constant Change” for HP.

Regarding game development, he landed the job as CG Supervisor for
the new U.S. division of the Japanese video game powerhouse, Square LA in 1995.
During his stay at Square, Caleb delivered several projects including “Parasite
Eve”. In 2005 he returned to the game world as a Technical Art Director for
Electronic Arts with their hit game title, “James Bond 007, From Russia with
Love”. Caleb Owens is an LA based freelance Visual Effects Supervisor / Digital
Artist. He is currently working on several film projects. In his spare time he
builds vintage motorcycles and enjoys making music.